Established in 1999, our headquarters is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan. For the past 12 years, our philosophy has been "plan, diligence, efficiency, and responsibility" to serve our customers. Our core value is to achieve green environmental friendliness and our management philosophy is to accomplish customers' needs. We are the sole distributor of Phirex Australia for marketing Mistex and Fogex Water Mist Firefighting Systems. We also continuously research and develop the relevant products of water mist for different applications such as multifunctional water mist equipment, high pressure water mist hydrants, and others so as to up-grade and innovate our products' quality and usage. Our top policy is using the least amount of water to protect our life safety and human's properties to achieve the goal of Environment friendliness, reasonable economy and safe effective.

CHUAN YEN TECH is the leader of water mist industry in our market and our services include project plan and design, manufacturing, installation and other relevant services for water mist. We have completed many projects from north to south Taiwan such as Hi-Tech factories, chemical plants, counties' and national libraries, aerospace's hangars, private and public sectors' power plants, industrial waste resources cremation factories, and lots of power transformers around Taiwan. We do be appreciated for our quality and service by our customers. Our water mist is Taiwan's number one case and is approved to be very effective for firefighting because our systems are successfully extinguished the fire of 69 KVA's transformer, cable room and UPS room. Due to quickly extinguishing the fire, our customer's power station can easily be back to the normal operation by just spending less money and the least time. It is our honor and we also can loudly to announce to all customers that our systems are very effective and the most important thing is to help the human beings to protect their lives and properties to prevent from injuring to least. It is also demonstrated that Mistex and Fogex water mist systems have excellent performance and quality and did appreciated by our customers. CHUAN YEN TECH accumulates abundant experience of the designing and installation for water mist systems and products day by day. Furthermore, we also take lots of effort to market water mist products to markets of mainland China, Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions around the world.

Besides Mistex and Fogex Water Mist Firefighting systems, CHUAN YEN TECH also has finished lots of major public constructions in Taiwan. One of major public constructions is the project of Taiwan Power Company Lungmen Project Fourth Nuclear Power Plant and it will be finished in the end of 2012. Looking forward to our future, CHUAN YEN TECH adheres to the principles of plan, diligence, efficiency, and responsibility and runs the business with the concept of customer orien

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Manufacturer, Trading Company, Distributor/Wholesaler


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Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Mid East; Eastern Asia; South Asia;

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10 - 20

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Water Mist Hydrant Cabinet

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Water Mist Mini-Firefighting Car No.1

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Water Mist Mini-Firefighting Car No.2

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Water Mist Scrubbing System

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Water Mist System

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AquaJet Water Paddle

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Water Mist Hose-Reel Trolley


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Ms. Kelly Chung