Ledgend Technology Inc. was established in 2008. The name LEDGEND is the integration of LED and Legend.

Since LED has now been targeted to be the major source of green lighting, by means of LED's power-saving and easy-to-operate characteristics, we are devoted to unveiling the new legend of more LED designs and applications in the coming future.

We are now launching Crystal series.

We have arranged the full-color LEDs in a 3D space, into which a 3D animation is designed and presented. This creates a brand-new way to make the viewers be able to appreciate the 3D effects from different angles. Such visual effects can be presented in the mode of mood lighting, or employed to demonstrate the animation of a story.

Of course, any custom-made logos or ways of presentation can be achieved.

We call this type of space Crystal, a brand-new 3D LED Lighting. It can be a small-scale elaborate mood light, or in the form of a large-size 3D display screen, many meters in length and width.

Different specifications in size can be further designed to cater to customers' needs.

Besides the standard product - Crystal Cube, we also offer customized service, with which the hardware-space plans and software animation designs can be flexibly adjusted according to customers' schemes.

Brilliant eye-catching 3D effects may be created if mounted indoor or in any dim space.

Multiple all-color mood modes; 3D graphics and animations; Chinese, English, or more other languages

Also, any custom-made Logos or ways of presentation can be achieved for your business or your own ideas. Currently, our animation team is making an effort to roll out more new effects and modes.

Product sizes can be flexibly adjusted according to customers' own plans or designs.

It brings to life in any indoor or soft-light business environment:
Presentation in the airport terminals
Department stores annual celebration
Presentation for cooperative images
Upscale hotel decoration
Installation art in public
Romantic mood lights in restaurants
Colorful dynamic lighting in clubs or pubs
Making products standout in boutiques

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