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Ningbo Yongzhong Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Plastic Valve,Valve,PVDF valve,PPH valve,FRPP valve,CPVC valve,UPVC valve,pipe fittings,diaphram valve,rubber gasket,Butterfly valve,check valve,Glove valve,ball valve,cut-off valve,Bottom valve,palst ...

Huada Valve Factory
Valve,brass ball valve,angle valve,check valve,gate valve,bibcock valve,float valve,gas valve,floor drain,brass tap,brass faucet,zinc ball valve,zinc angle valve,spring check valve,brass fitting

Shanghai LONGDING Auto Valve Co.,ltd
automatic controlling valve; electromagnetism valve; power regulating valve; pneumatic regulating valve; electromotive valves; pneumatic valve; manual valve; waterpower control valve;

Shandong Oil field Valve Co.,ltd.
special valve for oil field exhaust valve trap filter flame arrestor ventilation valve scab gate valve balancing type throttle valve

KAIWEIXI Valve Group Co.,ltd.
Throttle valve; Stop valves; Check valve; Spherical valve; Butterfly valve; Tube cleaning valve; Power station valves; Water conservancy control valve

Zhejiang Jitai Valve Co., Ltd.
Gate valves,check valves,globe valves,ball valves,power station valves,dumping valves,slurry valves,special valves for oilfield,flanges,pipe fittings

Aea valve and fitting co.,ltd
Hong Kong
valve, forged steel valve, cast steel valve, brass valve, API valve, DIN valve, cast steel valve, BS valve, ball valve, gate valve, cast iron valve, butterfly valve, check valve, globe valve, pipe fit ...

Tianjin Tanggu Valve Company
various valve; fluid-valve;; pair clamp butterfly vlave; flanged butterfly valve; metal seals; check valve and various throttle valve; sphere adjust valve;

Shanghai Industrial valve Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
valve; petroleum valves; industrial valve; stop valves; spherical valve; flame arrestor; ventilation valve; sight glass;

Shanghai NAINAI Valve Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
adjust valve; angle valve; butterfly valve; check valve; controlling cabinet; electric appliance; electric motor; electromagnetism valve; fluoroplastic-lining valve; manufacture enamel wire; non-stand ...

Wenzhou CHAOYUE Valve Co.,ltd.
butterfly valve; blind plate; ventilation butterfly valve; optical valve; spherical valve; spile valve; coal gas specific valves; panel turnovervalve;

Shanghai BAINADE Valve Co.,ltd.
adjust valve; butterfly valve; check valve; diaphragm valves; electromagnetism valve; relief valve; spherical valve; stop valves; throttle valve; trap

Yongjia Ronda Pump Valve Co., Ltd.
Pump,oil pump,water pump,chemical pump,sewage pump,gear oil pump,gear pump,screw pump,centrifugal pump,diaphragm pump,multi stage pump,self priming pump,magnetic pump,vaccum pump,inline pump,power sta ...

Wenzhou Kailin Valve Co., Ltd.
One-piece ball valves,Two-piece ball valves,Three-piece ball valves,Ball valves,Gate valves,Stainless steel valves,Thread valves,Female thread valves,Forged valves,Valve accessory

Shanghai DIANJIAN Valve Sales dept.
extraction check valve; high temperature; non-standard valve; oxygen valve; power regulating valve; pressure valve; special valve for oil field; temperature-reducing & pressure-reducing device; vacuum ...