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Yuhuan Tiannian Valve Co., Ltd.
forged fittings,screw fittings,compression fittings,fasterners,coupling,elbow,Tee,bibcock,angle valve,manifold,beer valve,beer tap,beer dispenser

Shanghai LONGDING Auto Valve Co.,ltd
automatic controlling valve; electromagnetism valve; power regulating valve; pneumatic regulating valve; electromotive valves; pneumatic valve; manual valve; waterpower control valve;

Zhejiang Petrochemical Valve Co., Ltd.
Gate valve,Globe valve,Wafer dual plate valve,API6D ball valve,Trunnion ball valve,industrial valve,machines,power station gate valve,Swing check valve,Forged steel globe valve,Forged steel gate valve ...

Harbin Boiler valve Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
valves of power plant petroleum valves throttle valve stop valves butterfly valve spherical valve adjust valve safety valve stainless steel valves

Guizhou TONGFEI Automotive brake valve Co.,ltd.
brake pipe magnate patent brakevalve; brakevalve mbly

Wuhan DAYU Valve Marketing Co.,ltd.
ball cock; butterfly valve; check valve; eccentric semisphere ball valve; exhaust valve; filtration t-tube control valve; mud ejected valve; multifunctional control valve; relief valve; safety valve; ...

Chongqing JIAYUAN Valve Co.,ltd.
valve; copper valves; steel valve; dish valve; rubber flap check valve; stop valve special for oxygen; flexible seat-sealed sluice valve; smudge-proof separating valve; pipe refluence preventer; again ...

RUITUO Valve Service Co.,ltd.
spherical valve service throttle valve service stop valves service check valve service high temperature valve service high pressure vavle service stainless steel valves service butterfly valve service ...

Chongqing YUQING Valve Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
valve; large caliber brake valve, motor-driven; bre butterfly valve motor-driven,; bre steel compensator; bre rubber joint; stainless steel ball valves, stop valves; stainless steel corrugated tube; m ...

Henan SHANGDIE Valve Co.,Ltd.
adjust valve; check valve; eccentric semisphere ball valve; flange type butterfly valve; gas valves; metallic sealed butterfly valve; pair clamp butterfly vlave; piping compensator; slow-shut silent c ...

Hubei DELISHI Valve Co.,ltd.
vacuum valves; throttle valve; stop valves; check valve; spherical valve; butterfly valve; sword valve; safety valve; adjust valve; relief valve; trap; electromagnetism valve;

Anshan Thermal Control valve Co.,ltd.
after service; electromotive actuator; meter parts; mutuality service; pneumatic regulating valve; power regulating valve; self-power regulating valve. pneumatic regulating valve. power regulating val ...

Kunming Global Valve Co., Ltd.
We (Kunming Global Valve Co., Ltd) are a leading and professional resilient seated valves manufacturer in China since 1956. Our valves are designed for potabel water supply service, irrigation. Our r ...

Chongqing PANHENG Valve Co.,ltd.
throttle valve; butterfly valve; stop valves; check valve; electromagnetism valve; urgency switch off electromagnetism valve; gas urgency switch off electromagnetism valve;

Xiamen Perfect Valve Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Gate valve,glove valve,ball valve,butterfly valve,check valve,plug valve,adjusting valve,reducing valve,throttle valve,drain valve,y-pattern filter,regulating valve,reed valve,wash water valve,blow-do ...