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Shenyang BONAISI Valve Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
adjust valve; blow-off valve; butterfly valve; check valve; diaphragm valves; elbow stop valve; flexible seat-sealed sluice valve; pair clamp type ball valve; partiality arrangement head seal butterfl ...

Wuhan GAONENG SHUANGGAO Valve Group Co.,ltd.
bend; butterfly valve; check valve; flange; pommel valve; slurry brake valve; spherical valve; stop valves; temperature-reducing & pressure-reducing device; throttle valve; valves of power plant; wate ...

Valve Tianjin Tanggu Valve Factory
butterfly valve; throttle valve; check valve; smudge-proof separating valve; hydraulic water level control valve; soundproofing check valve; relief valve; y-shaped filters; adjust valve; telecontrol b ...

Luohe YUXIN Metallurgy valve Equipment Co.,ltd.
blast furnace reality valve; blind plate; coal gas adjust valve; cold-blast valve; combustion valve; flue; hot-blast valve

Tieling Valve (Group) Manufacturing Co.,ltd.
adjust valve; butterfly valve; check valve; exhaust valve; extension node and pipeline accessories; spherical valve; stop cock; stop valves; strobe; throttle valve; valve whole set pipe

Nengfa Weiye Tieling Valve Joint-stock Co., Ltd.
Valve,Gate Valve,Butterfly Valve,Check Valve,Penstock,Regulating Valve,Air Valve,Filter,Hydrant,Pipe Fittings,Wind Turbine Casting,Cast Iron Casting,Resilient Gate Valve,Welding Valve

Tangshan Hongyuan Valve Industry Co., Ltd.
Pipe Fittings,Flanges,Butterfly Valves,Check Valves,Y strainers,frac tank unions,hammer unions,manifold,rubber hose,air hoses

Zhejiang Zhongjin Valve Co., Ltd.
Stainless Steel Ball,Fixed Valve Ball,O type Valve Ball,Three-Way Valve Ball,Four-Way Valve Ball,Nonstandard Valve Ball,Floating Valve Ball

Ningbo Yinzhou Jinke Tire Valve Factory
Tire valves,tire repair tools and accessories,tube valves,rubber valves,tire tube valve,tire accessaries,tyre valve,wheel rim

West Control Valve and Instrument Co Ltd
Control Valves, Globe Control Valve, Cage Control Valve, Butterfly Control Valves, Ball Control Valves, Self Operated Regulators, Knife Gate Valves & Gate Control Valves, Special Valves & Manual Valve

Fujian Province Datong Reciprocity Valve Co., Ltd   5 products, 5 pictures
Cast Steel Gate Valve Flanged

Zhejiang Valmax Valve Co., Ltd.   20 products, 20 pictures
Ball Valves, Check Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Industrial Valves

Zhengzhou North Valve Co.,ltd.
adjust valve; blow-off valve; butterfly valve; check valve; control valve; diaphragm valves; exhaust valve; relief valve; spherical valve; stop cock; stop valve; stop valves; throttle valve; trap; var ...

Zhejiang Guanlong Valve Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hydraulic control valves,check valves,multifunctional pump control valves,pressure reducing valves,adjusting valves and butterfly valves,float,non-return,forged steel valve,pump control valve,emergenc ...

Fujian Feida Valve Co., Ltd.   18 products
ball valve,gate valve,globe valve,check valve,plug valve,butterfly valve,needle valve,strainer,pipe,fitting,water valve