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QIUSHI (Hubei) dope Co.,ltd.
building material; epoxy floor paint; external thermal insulation system for exposed wal; latex paint for internal-and-external wall; nano latex paint; nature coating; oxygen generator; repair paint; ...

Chongqing FASHUN Chemical Co.,ltd.
chemical; construction coating; building paint; coating emulsion; chemical; construction coating; building paint; coating emulsion; chemical; construction coating; building paint; coating emulsion;

Wuxi Chuangjia Decoration Decoration Co.,Ltd.
Is engaged in the large-scale decoration, the family decoration, the collection business planning, the design, the construction is a body decoration conveyance system company.

Chongqing DEYI Metal structure Co.,ltd.
building sealing glue; colour aluminium door and window plastic fittings; doors & windows accessories; ethylene-propylene-diene methylene EPDM rubber strip; modified pvc strip; pvc doors and windows h ...

Wuxi XINGTONG Road Machinery Co.,ltd.
road-building machinery, asphalt mixing materials puddler, stabilized soil plant-mixing equipment, conduction oil heating asphalt equipment, conduction oil insulation turnoff, conduction oil heating ...

Chongqing DUOBANG Technology development Co.,ltd.
alerm centralized control system; cd MA DTU; city lightings ralization observing and controlling system; city miasma online system; environment sphere quality centralized monitoring system; GPRS; long ...

Chongqing HONGQI dope (Group) Co.,ltd.
acrylic paint; fire-retardant paints; fluorocarbon paint; function; latex paint for internal-and-external wall; products; solvent; watercraft metallic paint; waterproof paint; wrapping bucket

Chongqing AOTU Art Design Studio
arts & crafts; cemetery sculpture; environment decoration sculpture; gardens sculpture; marketing mosaic; sandstone sculpture

Chongqing JIHANG Industry & trade Co.,ltd.
cars & motorcycles oem products; power supply main switch; fastener; punched products; weldment; rearview mirror shock absorption cushion; machinery processing; plastic products; phenolic aldehyde pro ...

LONGYAN Trading Co.,ltd.
2205 leftover material; 317L; decortive materials; gifts; metals material; profusion purchase 316L; pvc fence; weaving material

Chongqing CHANLIN Heat energy equipment Co.,ltd.
diathermanous; gas vacuum hot-water boiler; highly active corrugated pipe heat exchanger; magnetic water processor; plate-type heat exchanger; recoil filter; sphere heat pumps water heater; stainless ...

Chongqing YUMAO Decoration engineering Co.,ltd.
construction decoration; decoration engineering; garden virescence; plastic aluminium sheet; screen wall engineering; steel structure engineering

Chongqing HAILI Rubber Co.,ltd.
rubber waterproof coiled materials; concrete drainpipe rubber sealing washer; double-walled corrugated pipe rubber sealing washer; water-stop belt; water-stopping strip; rubber boat; anticorrosive lin ...

Chongqing Stardust Aerospace Co.,ltd.
chongqing garden company; chongqing gardens design co.; chongqing geyser company; chongqing health company; chongqing rockwork company; chongqing tennis ball company; decoration & design; effect chart ...

Chongqing DANYULONG Machinery & Equipment Co.,ltd.
conveyer belt, synchronism belt, flat belt, wedged belt; synchronous tooth belt; (); stepless variable speed belt; nylon sheet base belt; flat belt; veins conveying belt; v-belt; pu round belt; polyur ...