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Nanpi Mingzhu Arts & crafts Factory
mercury switch; roll ball switches; dry-reed tube; hardware products;; stamping hardware; glass handicrafts; craft wine bottle; quicksilver; wine utensils; hardware;

CHENGGONG Plastic product Factory
plastic moulds; hardware mould; mobilephone case; mp3 player, MP4 shell; digital camera shell; pressure casting die ( mg alloys, zinc alloy ); injection moulding;, sandblast; silk printing,; oxygenati ...

Shenzhen MUSEN Industry (Aluminum) Co.,ltd.
building materials screen wall, aluminium ceiling aluminum foil \ aluminum board \ round aluminum sheet \ aluminium roll \ aluminum ingot \ carry on processing

Ningbo HUALEI Tools Co.,ltd.
articles; automotive fittings; CAR ACCESSORIES; construction decoration tools; ORGANIZER; SAFETY PROTECTORS; TOOL BOX; TOOLS FOR DECORATION; workbox

Ruiying Electric Appliance Co., Ltd
Power tools, electric drill, rotary hammer, angle grinder, electric planer, woodworker trimmer, electric circular saw, orbital

Zhejiang LIBANG Electric appliance Co.,ltd.
electric angle polishing machine; electric drill; electrotrephine; polishing machine; power tool parts; power tools; punch drill; sections cutter; stone material cutting machine; woodworking carving m ...

Changzhou FANJIN Hardware Factory   23 products
rigging; suspending hook; the swinging ring; turn-buckles; unloading shackle; wire rope clips

Shanghai TIANDUAN Industry Co.,ltd.
torsion wrench; magnetics material; gaussmeter; teslameter; fluxmeter; magnetizing machine; demagnetizing machine, magnet charger; magnetic clip;

Shenzhen HONGYE DAWU Gold product Co.,ltd.
buttons backboard; electron hardware punched products; iron cover; lathe snail; panel for machine box; radiator sections; spring; stainless steel battery shrapnel

Qingdao Refrigeration CHUANBULAO Co.,ltd.
feed fish; monamon; leather strip;;;; haw-haw; eel; hairtail;; spanish mackerel; octopus; yellow croaker; opium; pomfret; salted jellyfish; conch; sleeve-fish; hairtail;;

Xuzhou BEITE Tools Manufacturing Co.,ltd.   13 products
cable pincers; cable scissors; electrics cold pressing tongs; pvc cutting tools; steel wire rope cutter; vice

Yangzhou GONGSAN Power machines and tools Co.,ltd.
armful pole; cable construction tools & devices; electric power construction tools & devices; electrification work tools; generatrix processing machine; lead cable pressing and connecting mahcine; lea ...

QIAOYUN Co.,ltd.
dvd player. vcd-player. cd-r OM watch movement guide shaft; minitype; precision axle core of motor; tremor motor; various minitype shaft; various motor shaft

Metier Atelier Co Ltd
Hong Kong
Founded in Hong Kong in 2001. Metier Atelier is an OBM company with "Metier", the Atelier's design brand, and "toobar", the Atelier's houseware and cookware brand, in Hong Kong.

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