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Nanyang Chinese rose Base Co.,ltd.
china chinese rose; china rose; chinese rose; chinese rose base; chinese rose company; chinese rose export; chinese rose manufacture; company directory; enterprise; flavor plant; flowers; garden; gard ...

Sichuan LAOCHENGNAN Food Co.,ltd.
beef; chansi rabbit; granular beef; honey; light shade; sausage; sichuan native products zhangcha salted preserved duck; snacks light shade

BILIMEIYINGWEI Nourishing feed (Shenzhen) Co.,ltd.
10% feed for boar; 4% feed for lactating pig; 4% pregnant pig feed; 4% premixed feed for large pig; 4% premixed feed for middle pig; 4% premixed feed for piggy; 4% reserve sow feed; mummy 100%; porket ...

Hangjingqi HOUQI WEIYE Trading Co.,ltd.
Inner Mongolia
sunflower ssed kernel; polished slabstone pumpkin seed; pumpkin seed.; sunflower ssed kernel; polished slabstone pumpkin seed; pumpkin seed.; melon seeds; sunflowerseed;

Hunan MINGXIN Food Co.,ltd.
agricultural products; canned bamboo shoots; dried bamboo shoot; dried ginger slice; dried yam bean; garlic; marketing; pickled leeks; potato; purchasing; quick-frozen potatoes; salted chilli; salted ...

Cangzhou HUANQIU Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
50% choline chloride powder; 60% choline chloride powder; 70% choline chloride liquid; 75% choline chloride liquid; microorganism preparation including; layer chicken special; poularde special; genera ...

Tianjin JINFA Medicine for animals Co.,ltd.
fungus;;; enteritis;;; health; compound urotropine;;; qiu di; chang du qing;;;; hotness su ning;; tartrate kitasamycin; vitamins electrolyte; jin fa dui wei;

Trong & E Magnetic Industrial Co Ltd
TRONG & E Company has successfully owned more than 20 patents, included Figure Compass, Magnetic Bookmark, Magnetic Paper Holder for PC Monitor, and Magnetic Dress-up Doll, over 20 magnetic items are ...

Changshou CHANGSHENG Bedplate Co.,ltd.
cycle bedplate; machine table and stand; platen fittings; stand for industrial sewing machine bedplate; tailoring bedplate; veneer

Sing-Flow Seed Trading Co., Ltd.
cauliflower seed,cherry tomato seed,Chinese cabbage seed,cabbage seed,broccoli seed,luffa seed

ZHONGMU Industry Co.,Ltd.
amino acid; animal vaccine; flu; forage additive; import fish meal; multi-vitamin; premixed materials; raw material of forage trading

Chun Hing Art Plant Co Ltd
Hong Kong
Artificial polyester life-like plant. stem flower, flower arrangement, greenery bushes. foliages, trees of real and artificial trunk, polyresin planters, vases, urns, pedestals etc.

Ningcheng JINZHENG Trading co. Ltd.
Inner Mongolia
white sorghum; yellow maize; millet; glutinous millet in husk; white sorghum; yellow millet; big yellow rice; sundry pulses

Rizhao RONGTAI Aquatic products Co.,ltd.
octopus; pomfret; sleeve-fish; seafood gifts weave; mamian fish; mamian fish; hairtail; spanish mackerel;; hovaxite; large yellow croaker; yellow croaker; scallops adductor; shrimp meat; gifts; segmen ...

Jiangsu YAOTANG Garden Virescence Co.,ltd.
1-3M; 3-8CM grand myrtle; golden-leaf barberry; gold-leaf privet; henan savin 3-5M; ligustrum lucidum; red-leaf barberry; southern magnolia 5-15CM; xiang zhang 5CM-20