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KANGXIAN County GONGCHUANG Development Co.,ltd.
computer; diy computers component; dried black fungus; fungus; gansu native products; medicinal materials; office machinery; rhizoma gastrodiae; software; tea; walnuts in shell

Qingyang HONGYUAN Travel service Co.,ltd.
computer and software; e-commerce; home appliance; office machinery; technical products; tour business and mutuality service; tour resource development and tour marketing

Lanzhou YITE Information Technology co.,ltd.
software tailor development; system integration device; office automation software; medical equipment, physic management software; senior high school management software; software development platform ...

Gansu RONGTE Network technology Co.,ltd.
electronic education mutual electronic white board ish education website planning website construct multimedia videoconference system education resource construct office platform products agent

Lanzhou DAFANG Electronic Co.,ltd.
CISCO network products; H3C network products; network products; network system integration; monitor,; video meeting; founder products for fire heating wall;

Qingyang Intelligent Computer Technology co.,ltd.
burglarproof alertor; GPS site; integrative wire layout; intelligent residential area system; netwouk engineering; office machinery; paging system; public broadcasting system; remembrance; sachet; vid ...

Gansu Lanzhou Wan Neng Software System Co.
Multi-purpose service, multi-purpose memory, multi-purpose software, multi-purpose system integration, multi-purpose solution

Lanzhou Kaitian Technology Co.,Ltd.
Domain name registration, hypothesized host service; Mid- and small-scale enterprise the help accesses the net, the talented person employment advertise, seeks employment the service.

Gansu Self-help Jianzhan Pingtai
Provides the government the website/enterprise website construction, the homepage automatic production, provides system and so on order form, feedback, message, news. Province 3/4 province science an ...

Hui Long Commercial System Co.,Ltd.
The management commercial software and the computer hardware, provides the homepage design and the network project service.

Gansu Products Group Lantian Technology Co.,Ltd.
Continues the communication engineering, the system integration, the digital monitoring, the building to speaks, the local area network construction and the intellectualized building construction plan ...

Hui Ce Online Service
Provides the local small and medium-sized enterprise network territory registration and the hypothesized host service.

Lanzhou Yitong Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd.
Website construction, homepage manufacture, design, multimedia, flash, the IT market condition, the enterprise, the electronic commerce, the enterprise, the government access the net.

Lanzhou Communication Technology Company
Is engaged in the computer network project, the application software development, hypothesized website construction, sub-underwriting (IBM CISCO HP).

Gansu Yinte Computer School
Provides at the beginning of the computer, center, high-level training; The Adobe China authenticates the designer, Red Flag Engineer linux, 3DMAX authenticates training using engineer; Simultaneously ...