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Kangxian XINGYUAN Native products Trading Co.,ltd.
dried black fungus; dried mushroom; mushrooms; natural white fungus; houtougu mushroom; tea-tree mushroom; walnut-mea; walnut; chinese chestnuts; wild pepper; turkey foot fern; walnuts in shell; gingk ...

Gansu GERUISI Biology Co.,ltd.
lycopene, tomato seed oil; sea-buckthorn seed oil, sea-buckthorn oil; pumpkin seed oil,; bitter gourd seed oil,; medlar seed oil,; radices lithospermi seed oil,; perilla oil,; angelica oil,; grape see ...

Jiuquan DAYE Seeds Co.,ltd.
agriculture & byproducts marketing; lucerne; park afforesting project; pasture grass seeds; pasture marketing; seeds processing; sod; vegetable flowers

KANGXIAN County XINGYUAN Native products Center
boletus edulis bull; chinese chestnuts; dried black fungus; dried mushroom; gingko; houtougu mushroom; jisongrong; jituigu mushroom; long yellow daylily; morels; mushrooms; namiko; pleurotus ferulae; ...

Lanzhou HONGQING Technology co.,ltd.
Car-washing device; Jerusalem artichoke powder; Jumble beads cedar; Xiaoweihan sheep; flocks and herds; polygonum multiflonum thumb; saussurea involucrata; study

Lanzhou HUIXIANGYUAN Flavor Co.,ltd.
vegetable essential oil; single square essential oil; compound refined oil; base oil; face cream apperception; flower and grass tea; subsidiary agricultural products and local special; buckwheat;;

Gansu SHOUQU Zoology Food Co.,ltd.
mutton and beef food manufacture marketing; animal by-products processing; food & drink manufacture marketing; planting, hoggery; health care biologicals develop manufacture marketing;

Qingyang LONGDONG Agriculture & byproducts Group Co.,ltd.
dried apricot; perillaseed; pumpkin seeds shine skin; semen armeniacae amara; shell-off melon seed; shine skin pumpkin seed kernels; snowwhite melon seed; sunflower ssed kernel; various pulse

Lanzhou Ruisai Foodstuffs Co.,Ltd.
The Lanzhou Switzerland fills the food limited company is including the cultivation, the vegetables, the food processing enterprise.

Dingxi Yunfeng Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
Gansu cooking oil and Dingxi local product and so on management hyacinth bean, broad bean, pea, Asian sesame seed cake, on-line issue cooking oil supply and demand and price information.

Gansu Minqin ZHIYUAN Agriculture & byproducts Purchase and sale Company
watermelon seeds;. sunflower seeds; united states dried pepper; thick chili sauce; gourd; various agricultural products;

Gansu Jiayuguan JINHUI Vegetable & fruit Base Co.,ltd.
dicing machine; dried vegetables; dried vegetables pre-treatment equipment; eps benzene board materials; keeping fresh onion; marketing; purchasing; quick-frozen vegetables; refrigerated vegetable; se ...

Zhangye GANZHOU District FANGYUAN Feedstuff Factory
biology corn;;; platinum;; flocks and herds; commander; various raw material of forage; new type forage additive; medicine for animals;

Gansu Pingliang JINGCHUAN WULONG Garden Virescence Company
floss silk; gold-leaf privet; hokkaido box tree; pagoda tree seedling; phoenix tree; red-leaf barberry; red-leaves prunus triflora roxb; standards pagoda tree seedling; supplying virescence seedling : ...

Gansu NONGKEN Medicine Medicinal materials Co.,ltd.
licorice extract powder; glycyrrhizic acid mono ammonium; flax; astragalus hoangtchy polysaccharide; the root of membranous milk vetch; baicalin;; angelica root extractive; grape seeds extractives; lu ...