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Ningxia Kylin Trading Co.,ltd.
handicrafts gift; household articles; office furniture; office supplies and supplies; metals electrical appliances; mechanical & electronical equipment; clothing; working protection supplies; technica ...

Ningxia XUEQUAN Dairy Co.,ltd.
milk powder; pure milk; milky beverage; milk powder for infants; milk powder for infants; milk powder for infant; breakfast milk; medlar;

Yinchuan JIARUI Model Design Making Co.,ltd.
real & estate sand tray model industrial model crafts model war sand table movie & tv model model of buildings section plane model landscape model teaching science and technology mould numeric model a ...

Ningxia JINCHUI Auction Co.,ltd.
ok punish goods; ok punish worth; principal possession; smash enterprise worth.. ok punish goods worth. usufruct. real & estate; usufruct

XINGYUN Network Marketing Co.,ltd.
agent; medlar health capsule; medlar health products; medlar health-caretea; medlar raw material; native place speciality; wine

Zhongwei Network Service
Provides the domain name application, the hypothesized main engine, the high quality website plans, the main page manufacture.

JIANING Electronic Info. port
computer network engineering, decoration engineering, refrigeration equipments engineering, professional technology training.

Ningxia MEILI Paper Group Co.,ltd.
papermaking principal part, papermaking mechanical equipment processing manufacturing, construction, installation, trading.

Ningxia Journal Newspaper Group
advertise; design; printing; the press

Ningxia DEXIN Labor Output Company
labor output;

Ningxia Coal Import And Export (Group)Co.,.Ltd
producing and exporting well-know TAISI coal,TAINING coal and deep-processed products made of them

QUMEI Furniture Company
furniture marketing

Yinchuan HAODU KUAIXUN Advertise Co.,ltd.
advertise release; trading; protocol emoration; advertise planning; advertising design;

Ningxia SHUNFAN Information Advertise Co.,ltd.

Ningxia QINYI Industry Group
aluminum ingot; Mg ingot; Silicon iron