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Yutian Yongsheng Beer Dispenser Factory   4 products
Beer cooler,beer accessories,beer tower,beer tap,beer pillar,beer dispenser

Hebei Zhuozhou DONGFANG Enterprise Group Co.,ltd.
bio-pharmaceuticals,; entertain recreation, hotel; real & estate, workshop; high temperature anticorrosive coating, rust-proof oil; building material, sand-stone; hong qu pian, ginkgo leaf tablets

HUAXING Hotel Hotel Body scrubber Company
bathrobe / sheet / quilt cover; washcloth / sign plate; towel / pants / toilet soap / matchstick; bathing equipment / hairdressing bed /; various bathing lotion various bath salt; various wash; one-of ...

Xinhua Hotel
A star touches on foreign affairs the hotel, the standard anteroom, the luxurious anteroom, the dining room bar, the conference room and so on, the environment is graceful.

Wuyi Shanqingzhu Resort
Three star classes standards construction traveling touches on foreign affairs the hotel. Address: Fujian Mount Wuyi country traveling vacation area.

Qinhuangdao Yangcheng Hotel
Three star classes traveling touches on foreign affairs the hotel, provides the hold conference, business lives, the traveling service.

Shijiazhuang ZHONGYI Hotel Schedule Service Co.,ltd.
shijiazhuang hotel schedule; shijiazhuang hotel schedule; shijiazhuang cil-chamber schedule; shijiazhuang schedule; shijiazhuang schedule; shijiazhuang; shijiazhuang;

ZUNHUA City Veteran NITE Restaurant Co.,ltd.
chaffy dish; chaffy dish chain; chaffy dish join in; green red meat; inguishing feature chaffy dish

Shijiazhuang Zhongxing Laye Limited Company
Candle,white candle,church candle,tealight candle,household candle

Chengde Chengde Hotel Co.,ltd.
guest room restaurant; wine shop articles

Shijiazhuang Mekem Fast- Food Management Co.,Ltd.
Mai Kemu American fried chicken, American fast-food management chain-like service

Hebei Qinhuangdao Int'L Hotel
Three star classes touch on foreign affairs the hotel.

Langfang Development Zone Huatang Hotel
The collection lodgings, the dining, the entertainment to a body are one of Langfang bigger hotels.

HAIYI Hotel management Company
hotel mutuality products; itment management; planning prepare; training

TIEQIAO Furniture Co.,ltd.
Table; Meal chair; Teapoy; Folding chair