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Xiamen Rizheng Industry Co., Ltd.   3 products, 2 pictures
Bar mat,bar runner,logo mat,beer mat,mouse pad,ice bucket,dice cup,pen boxes,acrylic pen blank,wooden pen,clock kits,pen parts,pens,stationery,pen Binder,pen cases,pen mills,pen clips,pen stand,pen me ...

Chung Jen Emblem Co., Ltd.
Metal gifts and promotional items,coin keyholder,coin,keychain,pin,badge,magnet,bag holder,medal,spoon,metal piece,cuff links,bracelet,necklace,metal statuary,belt buckle,bottle opener,photo frame,let ...

Zhangzhou Jiean Plastic Industrial Co., Ltd.
Stirrers,Straight Straws,Flexible Straws,Spoon Straws,U-Straws,I-Straws,Telescoping Straws,Artistic Straws,Paper-Wrapping Straws,OPP-Wrapping Straws

Xiamen Jingmin Center Restaurant
The four star classes hotel, has the luxurious apartment hiring, is apart from the airport 8 kilometers, is apart from the train station 5 kilometers.

Dihao Restaurant
Has the standard room, the commercial room, the luxurious room, the luxurious anteroom, the assembly hall, the reception room, the business center and so on.

JIALI F&B Management Co.,ltd.
business xiamen seafood restaurant, set foot in restaurant management software develop marketing, restaurant plane design, restaurant itment management and related businesses.

Xiamen YINGTUO Business Exhibition Co.,ltd.

Fujian Shishi Zhen Shi Hotel
Chinese Fujian stone lion three star classes touch on foreign affairs the hotel. The management includes: Real estate, hotel, traveling and so on.

Jinan LIUNAIXI Fast food Chain Co.,ltd.
Manages the Chinese type fast-food chain the dining enterprise, has special permission alliance shop dozens of.

Fujian Luster Hotel Group
fish seafood; various

TIANTIAN Chaffy dish Co.,ltd.
chaffy dish

Fujian XIANYOU MINGHUANG Rattan and iron art furniture Factory
Rattan furniture; Sofa; Table; Park chair; Meal chair; Swing chair; Rest time chair; various hotel; Teapoy; Groggery chair

Shanghai PEILANG Restaurant Management Co.,ltd.
job enterprise mess hall; professional job enterprise mess hall

Xiamen Huan Yi Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.
Gift box,Notebook,Sticker&Label,Tag&Card,Pizz box,Shopping bag,Wine carrier box,Chocolate box,Jewelry box,magazines

Xiamen PUJINHUI Restaurant Co.,ltd.