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Heilongjiang Linke Wooden Product Co., Ltd.   3 products
Wooden skewers,wooden dowels,ice-cream sticks,match splints,toothpicks,flag poles,tongue depressors,coffee stirrers,wooden clothes peg,chopsticks

RONGXIN Investment Management Company
wine shop articles / wine and drink; loan / investment

Harbin Shifeng Pegwood Co., Ltd.
wooden skewer,manicure stick,round birch stick,ice cream stick,coffee stick

Harbin LONGMEN Mansion
mansion, harbin railway investment foreign hotel.

Qinggang Hotel
Is located Golmud, touches on foreign affairs the star class guesthouse.

Hljkunlun Hotel
Original Harbin Chinchiang big hotel

Heilongjiang Ruifa Bamboo & Wood Products Co., Ltd.
Kitchen Accessories,Disposable Restaurant & Bar Supplies,Party Items,Personal Care Products,Housewares