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Suihua HUALIN Wooden products Factory
birch round stick; birch flagpoles; ice-lolly sticks; foods pick; birch penholder; beauty care clue; tongue spatula; coffee stirrer; make-up pencil raw material;

Mudanjiang YUNCHENG Trading Co.,ltd.
small redbeans; white kidney bean; speckled beans; purple speckled kidney beans; sunflowerseed; white pumpkin seeds; melon seeds; rice; corn; zhen mushroom; yuan mushroom; agaric; pine nut; medicinal ...

RUIFU Potato Development Co.,ltd.
detoxicated potato; potato small potato; potato.; planting potato technology; detoxicated breeding potato; detoxicated potato; potato; potato; potato seeds;

Heilongjiang LETU Agriculture Development Co.,ltd.
corn; yellow soyabeans; sundry provisions; black kidney beans; small redbeans; gram; organic agriculture & byproducts; blackland;

Rice and grains SHANGSHI Co.,Ltd.
japan native soybean; overseas import soybean; green tea powder; bean curd coagulator; japan green tea; the other day food;

Qiqihar DADI Forestry Co.,ltd.
heilongjiang herding institute hoggery base, herding institute specialist, researcher perennial company travel technology tutor.

Mudanjiang XINSAN Woods YE Co.,ltd.
and composite semifinished materials; furniture; furniture surface material; lengthways veneers; plywood flooring; plywood flooring basic material; plywood flooring semifinished materials; plywood flo ...

Harbin HAO Lifetime Herding Development Co.,ltd.
animal rear feedstuff; pigs feedstuff; porcine concentrated feed; pig's granular feedstuff; feedstuff for chook; concentrated feed for chicken; granule; feedstuff for cattle;

Heilongjiang Nehe XILIANG Trading Co.,ltd.
white kidney beans; various white kidney beans; japan white kindey bean; milk white patterned kidney beans; small black bean white kidney beans; white kidney beans; spain white kindey bean; british re ...

Heilongjiang Pinheng Feedstuff Co.,Ltd.
Heilongjiang weighs the feed limited company is the Sichuan Chengdu weighs the industrial corporation the first large-scale feed enterprise which invests in northeast constructs.

SANMU Agriculture Co.,ltd.
corn; fresh water hoggery; livestock rear; per planting; pickles processing marketing; poultry rear; ripe; soybean; wheat

Harbin Hua Lian Furniture Factory
The Harbin China association furniture factory is located south Harbin hillock area Yangtze River road 28 Is a specialized production solid wood.

engaged in imported fruits while handling domestic fine fruits and vegetable is its subsidiary operation, thus marking the import business to promote the export one.

DONGBEI Cereal ZHIXIANG Purchase Dept.

Harbin Sanlin Nursery
Supplies the many kinds of northeast area cultivation cold resistant to combat drought the afforested nursery stock, the fruit tree, the flowers and plants, the bonsai, provides the flowers and plants ...