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Xi'an Jiatian Biotech Co., Ltd.   10 products
Water Solubility Epimedium extract;Factory supply Hedera Helix extract 10:1;100% Pure Jobstears Seed Extract Powder(GMP standard,HACCP);100% Natural Cnidium Monnieri Extract powder;Natural GMP hot sal ...

Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co., Ltd.   5 products
Manufacturer, processor and exporter of Chinese Herbal Extracts

Scidoor Hi-Tech Biology Co., Ltd.
Resveratrol, Paclitaxel, Genistein, Emodin, Icariin, Salicin, Synephrine, Diosgenine, Silymarin, Ecdysterone, Jujuba Extract, Epimedium Extract,

Ankang ZIKUN Oil Trading Co.,ltd.
purchase; vegetable seeds, sesame, sunflowerseed; sesame; manufacture rape oil; small mill sesame oil,; series seasoning;

Ankang TIANYUAN Plant Pick-up Co.,ltd.
vegetable extractive; gynostemma pentaphylla; the root of kudzu vine extractive; radices puerarire flavone; extractum belladonnae;; tanshinone A; B;; white hellebore alcohol; the root of membranous mi ...

Xi'an Wing Biology Co.,ltd.
50%; 98%; astragalus hoangtchy polysaccharide 50%; eleutherococcus roots B+E; emodin 50%; genistein 98%; ginkgo leaves extractive; gynostemma pentaphylla pantosaponin; luteolin 98%; medlar polysacchar ...

XIXIANG JINXI Herding Technology Co.,ltd.
condensed materials; linter pulp; peanut pulp; soybeau dregs; top grade premixed feedstuff; vegetable oil cake raw material of forage

Xi'an ZHOUZHI LUZHOU Garden Virescence Co.,ltd.
longboqiu; nutritious earthen bowl; nutritious earthen bowl chinese rose; nutritious earthen bowl gold-leaf privet; nutritious earthen bowl red-leaf barberry; red-leaves prunus triflora roxb

Danfeng Huasheng Enterprise Corp.
We bound in walnuts, chest nuts, pine nuts, mushrooms as well as some herbals (such as cornels, gastrodia tuber, root of red-rooted salvia , roots of kudzu vine and so on), wild fruit (such as grapes, ...

Xi'an HENGDA Breeding equipment Co.,ltd.
chicken feed gutter; hencoop; pigeon; pigeon cage; pigeon hamper; rabbit cage; sand cup; stainless steel ball papilla; various breeding equipment

YANGLING FUXIN Biological engineering Co.,ltd.
animal's raw materials; lonicera japonica extractive; radix scutellariae extractive; pick-up; ascites pick-up; pick-up; st john's extract;; plant; berberine;

Xian Shengda Feedstuff Store
Is the Zhejiang victory reaches the feed limited company in a northwest local sales window, this company subordinate has the entire automatic degreasing fish flour mill, the fining fish oil refinery, ...

Shaanxi YANGLING XINLIN Young plant Co.,ltd.
biology diesel tree seeds; forestation engineering; rhizoma coptidis seeds & seedling; seeds & seedling; virescence engineering; water-saving irrigation engineering

Shaanxi LISHAN Flowers Institute
pagoda tree seedling; pomegranate tree; pomegranate tree virescence seedling; saponin; walnuts in shell; white bark pine

Shaanxi CHANGTAI Industry Company
carduus marianus extractive; common andrographis extractive; dandelion extractive; grape seeds extractives; herba eptmdtuii e.p.; hongchezhou extractive; lotus leaf pick-up; magnolia officinalis extra ...