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agriculture production goods; cotton-seed oil; cottonseed shell protein; glycyrrhizin; licorice; licorice frost; licorice section; liquorice extract; long-staple cotton

Shandong Yongchun TANG Biology Co.,ltd.
function sexual; health food; health products; cosmetics.; ginkgo biloba health tea; theroot of red rooted salvia ginkgo tea; medicinal magnetic health-care pillow.... 30 multiple products; ganoderma ...

Shihezi Development zone SHENNEI Food Co.,ltd
carotene soft capsules; lycoypene soft capsule, carotene soft capsules, soybean lecithin soft capsule, propolis soft capsule; propolis soft capsule; soybean lecithin soft capsule;

FEILONG Clothing Factory
clothing; network trade;; garments; gifts; agent; join in; selected goods; kitchen household; sanitation household; special offer products; recommendation products; products; up to the minute products ...

Xinjiang ASEYA Nationality Druggist Co. Ltd.
tianshan wild xuelian; aweto qinghai, tibet, xinjiang; zang honghua nepal, iran;; ganoderma lucidum; herba cistanches;; pilose deer horn; deer scourge; deertail; ligamentum cervi; rhodiola sachalinens ...

Turfan LU Pearl Fruit Co.,ltd.
xinjiang dry fruit, xinjiang fruitage, inguishing feature; xinjiang dry fruit, xinjiang fruitage; inguishing feature; various raisin;

Xinjiang HUIBOTE Technology development Co.,ltd.
xinjiang dry fruit wholesale; health products; chinese traditional herbal medicines; xinjiang honey wholesale; xinjiang nation handicraft; walnuts in shell wholesale; red jujubes wholesale; medlar who ...

Yunnan Wenshan Saisen Health Products Co.,Ltd.
Mainly introduced the company 37 series products, the Wenshan 37 markets quotations, 37 functions and 37 research resultses and provide the correlation data inquiry.

China People Pla 474 Hospital Institute
general unit hospital, horse and foot center, surgical department xinjiang municipality center, hold replant and heart surgical department technology.

Xinjiang HONGJIA Trading Co.,ltd.
various chinese traditional herbal medicines; aweto; snow lotus; zang honghua; pilose deer horn, deer scourge; dayun; morels; xinjiang safflower; present box; chinese traditional medicine;

Wulumuqi XUANLU Flavor Development Co.,ltd.
20 refined oil; natural refined oil; various natural plant essential oil and 20 compound refined oil; various rigid premium box

Wulumuqi HAOYA Technology co.,ltd.

Xinjiang LONGSHI Health Technology co.,ltd.
kendir tea; red jujubes; walnuts in shell; honey; power of lyophilized jelly; royal jelly;;; red wine;; raisin; awei mushroom; saussurea involucrata; pilose deer horn; medlar;

Hetian DIYI Medicine Biology Technology co.,ltd
herba cistanches pick-up wu; herba cistanches tablet & drop; herba cistanches; herba cistanches pruning; herba cistanches;

Hong Kong XIANGRUI Biology (International) Group
adult article; adult utilities; condoms; contraceptive products; health products; nutritive foods; sexual health care product; spice pants; spice underwear; utilities