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Dongfang City Square
The Shijiazhuang East city square limited company develops the electronic commerce, simultaneously provides the forum for everybody discussion.

Haikou XINWEI Technology co.,ltd.
Hardware; Software development; website construct; website service; software and hardware marketing; network information service; software engineering

Hainan Cruise Computer Network Co.,Ltd.
Provides the domain name application, the homepage manufacture, the hypothesized main engine and the main engine are entrusted with.

Hainan YUANJING Software development Co.,ltd.
hotel management system; personnel management system; restaurant management system; software development; storehouse management system; switchboard charging system

Hainan Phoenix Information Systems Ltd

Hainan Tomorrow Technology co.,ltd.

Hainan ZUANXI Electronic Technology co.,ltd.
coal trade application software; electronic weighing apparatus automatic intelligent weighing system; intelligent smart card access guard system; office information door system

Dongfang Enterprise Web
Provides the main engine to be entrusted with, to rent is entrusted with, service and so on hypothesized main engine, accesses the net for the enterprise provides the platform.

XINGMAN Technology co.,ltd.
pda computer bag; u disc; notebook makeup; notebook heat dispersing; minute general; usb disk; cartoon small fans; mouse; liquid crystal screen cleaning suit; notebook;

Haikou XIETONG Technology co.,ltd.

Hainan Huaheng Internet Service Shangshe
Is located the seaport city, is engaged in the enterprise website construction, the domain name application, the network maintenance, the hardware sale, the software development and so on.

Hainan E-Commerce Entication Center
Carries on on-line, authenticates including individual authentication and the unit, with the on-line tender, the on-line work, the on-line business mansion, on-line pays fee and so on.

Dongfang Zhixin Technology Development Co.,Ltd.
The Eastern wisdom letter is take the artificial intelligence, the application software integration, the software product research and development, the network system integration as the core business ...

Sanya DIANCHUANG Information technology Co.,ltd.
3D dvd player; 3D monitors; 3D pickup camera; 4D vectorgraph seating chair; automatic photographic system; AutoQTVR; data gloves; household 3D recreational facility; monitors; movement tracking device ...

BAIBANG SHITONG Technology co.,ltd.
business computer; computer; entertain computer; exhibition computer; hotel computer; integration computer; office computer; software development; system integration device; touch computer