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Hainan YERUN Biology Fertilizer Co.,ltd.
biology eco-organic fertilizer; organic and inorganic mixed compound fertilizer; organic liquid fertilizer; amino acid organic fertilizer; service; longans litchi; melons vegetable; banana papaya; tea ...

Hainan HEXIN Flowers Co.,ltd.
kyphosis bamboo leaf; brazil cycas; green-leaf fugui bamboo; madagascar palm,; gold-rim riches and honour bamboo; indoor ornamental leaf plant minitype potted landscape;; treasure tree;;

Hainan Haige Ostrich Farm Co.,Ltd.
Is located the seaport, provides Africa Namibia originally to produce the purebred bird, the training ostrich cultivation, the dining processes the personnel.

Hainan REHAI Biology Co.,ltd.
aquatic product sickness water quality test & examination; biotechnology products; environm protection equipment manufacture; hoggery planting

Hainan Qionghai Dongping Farm
My field always the plantation rubber primarily, also vigorously develops to this at the same time by "the pepper", "the betel nut" and "the coconut tree" the primarily three high agriculture. ...

Hainan FUDADI Biology Co.,ltd.
biology zymosis liquid fertilizer ( flowers special ); biology zymosis liquid fertilizer ( fruitage special ); biology zymosis liquid fertilizer ( sod special ); biology zymosis liquid fertilizer ( ve ...

Dongfang Hua
The management potted flower, green plants, fresh cuts the flowered, Shui national minority, the scenery stone root carving handicraft and so on ultra large-scale, the comprehensive flowers and plants ...

Hainan Beike Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd.
Is engaged in the aloe planter, the aloe product processing and service and so on aloe synthesis application technology development.

Hainan Luheng Horticulture Institute
Is engaged in the non- seed watermelon, the ocean and so on the seedling and painstakingly the Ding Cha research and the production.

Hainan Qionghai DAJIA Agriculture Investment Co.,ltd.
agricultural products processing ; agriculture development; chemical fertilizer marketing; hoggery; marketing; planting; visit agriculture

Hainan XINDE NANZHU Pharmaceutical co.,ltd
fish drug raw material; fish drug;; aquatic medicine; disinfectant; water quality modifier;; vermifuge;

Sanya YUANTIAO Aquatic product Trading Co.,ltd.
white shrimp; Tilapil; Pomfret; Sleeve-fish; Mamian fish; sushi; Hairtail

Hainan HONGJINLONG Industry Co.,ltd.
hainan huanghua pear;; litchi; longans; lignum aquilariae resinatum; arrowroot;

Hainan XIANGTAI Fishery Co.,ltd.
tilapil; white shrimp;

Hainan XINGLONG Fry Livestock farm
catfish; chub; grass carp; inoid; tilapil; white pomfret