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Chongqing BAXIANG Restaurant Chain Co.,ltd.
chaffy dish agent; chongqing chaffy dish join in chain; join in chain; merchant; restaurant service; seasoning making; special permission business; white spirit agent

Wanyou Conifer Hotel
Chongqing directly under international four star classes commerce hotel, including guest room, dining room, and related facility.

Chongqing Wudu Hotel
Three star classes touch on foreign affairs the traveling hotel, China the western area first official business hotel.

Continental Grand hotel Chongqing
Is situated at the north of the Changjiang River California garden, the close neighbor airport, has the internationalization the convention center.

Chongqing CHANGGUANG Food Co.,ltd.
flavorings series; flavouring for hot pot series; gourmet powder; green; nutrition flavouring for hot pot series; seasoning series; sodium glutamate

Chongqing CHENGJI Restaurant Culture Co.,Ltd.
chain join in green restaurant enterprise, chongqing chaffy dish, chongqing high quality chaffy dish fifty chaffy dish.

Chongqing LISHE JIUDIANSHI Self-help apartment
chongqing aparment leasing; chongqing apartment; chongqing economy apartment; chongqing economy hotel; chongqing hotel apartment; chongqing household hotel; chongqing pack tavern; chongqing self-help ...

Wuxi Taihu Restaurant
Is situated Tai Lake most beautiful Mei the Liang lake breeze scenic area, occupies Shan Wanghu, is the botanical garden hotel and five star classes guesthouses, melts the vacation, the conference, co ...

Chongqing Yinhe Hotel
Three star classes traveling touches on foreign affairs the hotel.

Chongqing Taipei Stone Chaffy dish
lifetime stone, chaffy dish.

Lijiang Reception You
Introduces the geography condition, the hotel, the traveling line and the economical trade material.

Chongqing ZHUGE Restaurant Culture Co.,ltd.
restaurant join in

AILIQIN Business Consulting (Chongqing) Co.,ltd.
A+ vip card;

Chongqing Fuli Hotel
Provides the dining, the lodgings, service and so on entertainment.

Chongqing HONGXIN JIUDIANSHI apartment
hotel apartment