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Kailien Enterprise Co., Ltd. Is a design factory which specializes in extrusion machine with high evaluation and affirmation of customers, we have the abundant company resources and the professional technical development ability. Completely achieves and conforms to the customers's strict request of the characteristic and design of extrusion machine. Since the company had been established, we designed divers professional extrusion machinery continuously and provide to the customers the best technology and service. Our company already accumulated decades of years of manufacturing plastics extrusion machinery experiences from the beginning of single screw to twin screw, we have owned the technology level ahead of other the same business.
Kailien insists on the quality of product and go through with this principle, therefore our all employees have received strict training and have the responsibility for quality guarantee. We insist the quality in the machine manufacturing process, before delivery the machinery to customer we must test running, examining and correcting for ensuring to keep good operation capability.
For making high capability extrusion machine, we have different models covering single screw extrusion machine, parallel twin screw extrusion machine, co-rotation twin screw extrusion machine etc. , we concentrate on researching and developing each advanced extrusion machine. From the beginning single screw until twin screw nowadays, Kailien provide the advanced machine and ensure customer the quality of finished product for elevating the efficiency and capacity of production, it also can reduce the cost of production.
Kailien has sold extrusion machines to many countries, and has business branch in Vietnam. We believe that the capability of our machinery can acquire high complacence of users. However we are not arrogant towards existing accomplishments, we will be conscientious to face the new technical challenge in the future.

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South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Mid East; Eastern Asia;

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50 - 100

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5,000,000 - 10,000,000 UDS

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No.6 Chengda St. Annjhao Village, Yenchao Township, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

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Mr. Samuel Chen




No.6 Chengda St. Annjhao Village, Yenchao Township, Kaohsiung County, Taiwan


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