VUI UT COMPANY LTD. targets the market at the high-end coffee products. After the confirmation of being the forever trading representative of Cuppachoice products, VUI UT has conducted the brand Cuppachoice from Hui Yee Coffee Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. and introduced it to Macau for a period of time. We understand that working in the coffee industry we must have the ability of sense of smell, and also the strong sense of tasting. To achieve the sense of smell and tasting is not a short duration of time. Hui Yee Coffee Manufacturing Pte. Ltd has been in the coffee business for 20 years, and experience has taught us to be good at what you are doing with passion. Therefore, VUI UT will carry through the spirit of "Cuppchoice" from Hui Yee Coffee Manufacturing Pte. Ltd. to deal in coffee business. We use the special technology from "Cuppachoice" and produce our special brand "Just Cafe" coffee for Macau.

Just Cafe and Cuppachoice believe that the coffee mug is the most underrated device in modern society. This simple device is used to contain that wonderful beverage made from cocoa beans, but more importantly, is a faithful and loyal companion. Just think about it, it is there in the morning, in the night and every conceivable break in between. It is there to raise the dead, offer comfort to the weary, give energy to the body, and console the sad.

Coffee is the spice of life; it is bittersweet, just like life. Life is also about choices and so is Cuppachoice. We believe in offering coffee lovers with a good range of coffee. This is why there is JUST a warm CUPPA for all occasions.

Business Type

Trading Company, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler


Establish Year



HACCP ISO 9001:2000

Major markets

Eastern Asia;

OEM/ODM service


Number of employees

10 - 20

Anual sales

10,000,000 - 20,000,000 UDS

Legal representative

for premium members only

Business addresss

R. Seminario128 FI. R/C Ed.Veng Fung


Contact person

Mr. Lester Chau




R. Seminario128 FI. R/C Ed.Veng Fung



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