World Walk Co.Ltd

1988 - WORLD WALK CO LTD was established in 1988. This time was at the beginning of the development of SMD type LED.

1990 - We invested in the manufacture and production of potentiometers. Based on Japanese special techniques, we make Bakelite coated with carbon and silver paint. Slide type and rotary type potentiometers are our main products.

1995 - For customers' demands, we started to produce the close type rotary potentiometers, which are sealed up by resin.

2000 - For the digital market, we started to assemble and develop tact switches and DIP switches. For the use in precision testing equipment, we also developed auto replacement potentiometers, potentiometers with push-pull switches, dust-proof potentiometers with switches and ceramic type potentiometers.

2005 - We developed 9mm tiny size encoders with tact switches for walky-talky market. For the electric market, we started to create high-power products (RP24, RW24 and RC24 close type potentiometers and encoders).

2007 - For the compact market, we started to create SMD type slide potentiometers with sizes of 5mm and 10mm. (patent certificate: 200720305335X)

2008 - We invested in automotive accessories. Especially for the back light modules, we have the thinnest size back light modules and this item has got a patent certificate (200720309586.5).

2009/2010 - We are committed to the customized development of new products applying for patent certificates:
RJ09 Replacement potentiometers: patent certificate 98213113
RPM controllers of Car gauges: patent certificate 99211584
Digital car gauge back light structures: patent certificate 99211583
SSL50 one way endless slide switches: in application
We also obtain trademark rights.

** Our main products:
* Trimmer potentiometers - Metalized / Bake-kite / Photonic Types / Resin Molded
* Switch Series - Tact Switches / Logic Switches / Dip Switches / Slide Switches / Push Switches
* Rotary potentiometers - Resin Molded / Bake-kite / Ceramic / Wire-Round Types
* Slide potentiometers - With Case / Slim Types / SMD Types

** Affiliated automotive accessories
We also distribute products as below:
* Closed Type Trimmer potentiometers - Brand A C P
* SMD Chip Type Trimmer potentiometers
* SMD Chip Type / Dip Type Trimmer Capacitors
* SMD Chip Type LED Lamps - Brand EVERLIGHT

Business Type

Trading Company



ISO 9001:2000

Major markets

North America; Eastern Europe;

OEM/ODM service


Number of employees

50 - 100

Anual sales

5,000,000 - 10,000,000 UDS

Legal representative

for premium members only


Not Provided

Business addresss

7f No.649 Chung-Cheng Rd234-47 Yung-Ho City Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.

Product Name

temperature transducers (sensor)

Product Name

MR16 nature white (view angle 40 deg) LED lamps

Product Name

Luminosity White Color LED (FLASH LED)

Product Name

Photosensitive diodes

Product Name

press sensor


Contact person

Mr. Sir or Madam




7f No.649 Chung-Cheng Rd234-47 Yung-Ho City Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.