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Xiamen Yaku Trading Co.,Ltd

Manufacture:1)polish cloth ,2)lens cloths/microdfiber towel ,3)sunglass bag,4)glssses rope,etc We are expert in communication.Our stuff can exactly get your require.We will maximum save your time.Just contact us feel free! Business will be so easy!

Products & Services: lens cloth, silver polishing cloth, sunlgass bag, microfiber towel, glasses cloth, eyewear cloth, sunglass pouch, camera cloth, screen cleaning cloth, jewelry cleaning cloth, diamond cleaning cloth, eyeglass cleaning cloth, car cleaning towel, kitchen cleaning towel, glasses bag, eyeglass cloth, lens cleaning cloth, polishing cloth, optical cloth, microfiber lens cloth
Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Business Service (Transportation, finance, travel, Ads, etc)
OEM Service: OEM/ODM
Certificates & Awards: ISO 9001:2000 ISO 9001:2008
Postal Address: ADD:Room 1502, No.8B xuelixingguang, Huli zone, Xiamen
Postal Code: 361006
City: Xiamen
Prov/Region: Fujian
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