HY Electronic Corp. is mainly dedicated to the product development, manufacture and sales of Rectifier Diode and Bridge Rectifier.
Since 1989, HY entered into the mainland China to establish Yangzhou Hong Yang Electronics Co., Ltd. Now, she is renamed as "Yangzhou HY Technology Development Co., Ltd." The current yearly production output of Diode and Bridge goes up to two billion units.

The major production facilities of HY Electronics include the diffusion furnace, Die Saw machine, higher precise air filter of ventilation system in wafer diffusion production line. Firing furnace, plastic molding press, TMTT Auto-Assy machine, marking & packing

machine etc in Diode production line. Advanced vacuum soldering machine, plastic molding press, TMTT Auto-Assy machine, and multi-function Test instrument etc in Bridge production line. All HY products are finished through "all in one" process from design, manufacture to sales. Company's product development strategy had been evolved from unique Sip/Dip to SMD package. Product structures are mainly focused on CELL and GPP. In addition to HY self brand name, company also accepts the OEM & ODM business.
HY's quality management system, well organized by 40 professional Quality experts, is applying the SPC, Gage R&R, FMEA, CPK etc professional control techniques to the manufacturing process and also fully equipped with several adequate Hi-Rel LAB. Facilities to ensure the product quality. Success to award the certificate of ISO 9001/ISO 14001/UL/SGS etc. Besides, company also invested a perfect polluted water treatment facility to ensure the company's product quality image.

Business Type




Establish Year



ISO 9001/ISO 14001/UL/SGS

OEM/ODM service


Number of employees

1,000 - 2,000

Legal representative

for premium members only

Business addresss

4F, No. 118, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Rd., Hsin-Tien City, Taipei County, Taiwan

Product Name

Silion Bridge Rectifier KBPC15005W-KBPC1510W (50V-1000V;15A) KBPC-W Package

Product Name

GBP2005-GBP210 (50V-1000V;2.0A) GBP Package

Product Name

4GBJ4005-4GBJ410 (50V-1000V;4.0A) 4GBJ Package

Product Name

DB101-DB107 (50V-1000V, 1A) DB Package

Product Name

DB151-DB157 (50V-1000V, 1.5A) DB Package



Contact person

Ms. Jane Kao




4F, No. 118, Lane 235, Pao-Chiao Rd., Hsin-Tien City, Taipei County, Taiwan